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. in an amusement park, the roller coaster ride has been designed in such a way that it starts form 24 m above the ground. the interpolating polynomial is given as: p(x)=?2 x3 +23 x2 ? 59 x +24 a) find the maxima and minima of the given polynomial by using first derivative test. b) find the maxima and minima by using second derivative test. c) find the point of inflection. Get the answer
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. in the of a darkened stood a . 7. what did the man have in his mouth? 8. who is the man waiting for? the bus a cab a friend his boss 9. ho


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. in the 12-point program for the prevention of torture, amnesty international calls on governments to implement what protection? provide air conditio


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. in the morenos" budget for this month,they had planned to spend $187.50 ontransportation costs. they actually spent$212.45. how much more or less di