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. identify examples of eliza’s speech from act 3 that show eliza as a high society member and examples where she reverts back to the kerbstone flower girl. . how did each of the characters respond to eliza? use text evidence to support your conclusions. . analyze the reactions of the characters. briefly state what shaw is saying about social class and the manners and customs of high society. . using examples from act 3, describe in a detailed response how this scene develops the theme you identified. why do each of the characters react as they do and how does this reveal and enhance shaw’s messages to the audience? (remember to use the rubric to see how you will be evaluated) i need help im struggling Get the answer
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. identifying costs of inflation charles manages a grocery store in a country experiencing a high rate of inflation. he is paid in cash twice per mont


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. if $200 is invested at the end of each month into an account that has an apr of 3.4% compounded monthly, what will the balance be after 15 years?


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. if 6 pounds of carrots yield 20 cups of trimmed, cleaned, grated carrots, how many pounds of carrots are needed to obtain 7 cups of trimmed, clean