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. a spray-drying operation similar to that described in problem 5.23 is used by the pharmaceutical industry. acetaminophen is an active pharmaceutical ingredient (api) that can be produced in powdered form by spray drying. a mixture of the api containing 75 wt% water is fed to an atomizer in a dryer where it is brought into contact with hot air that enters the dryer at 220°c and 6.0 bar. all of the water is evaporated. the outlet gas contains 8.1 mole% water and leaves the dryer chamber at 80°c and 1.0 atm absolute with a flow rate of 513:6 m3 /h. calculate the production rate of powdered api and the volumetric flow rate of inlet air. Get the answer
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. a stone is projected vertically up with the velocity of 19.6 m/s. calculate i. time taken by the stone to reach the maximum height. ii. how long it


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. a swimming pool was filling with water at a constant rate of 200 gallons per hour. the pool had 50 gallons before the timer started. write an equat


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. a tank open to the atmosphere contains liquid ethanol (c2h5oh) at the bottom of the tank. the diameter of the tank is 1.0 m, its height is 3.0 m, an