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"if a ruler himself is upright, all will go well without orders. but if he himself is not upright, even though he gives orders they will not be obeyed... lead the people by virtue and restrain them by the rules of decorum, and the people will have a sense of shame, and moreover will become good." —confucius confucius was a chinese philosopher. the quote used here relates to how confucius felt about a. how good citizens should behave. b. the relationship between leaders and soldiers. c. how a government should be run. d. the relationship between parents and children. Get the answer
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"if anyone had any doubt that twitch streamers were influencers before now, we've proven that to be true," said erin wayne help click pic


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"if he saw me again, the cop said, he would take me back to kuwait. the marine colonel in charge didn't think that was a bad idea at all."nonembedded


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"if investors rely strictly on modified duration to estimate the percentage change in the price of a bond, they will tend to the price decline associ