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. read the passage. … into the dangerous world i leapt, helpless, naked, piping loud; … struggling in my father’s hands, striving against my swaddling bands; bound and weary, i thought best to sulk upon my mother’s breast. which is the suggested theme in “infant sorrow” by william blake? an infant struggles in an unsafe world. an infant brings strength to a weary world. an infant finds rest in a mother’s arms. Get the answer
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. the zoo currently has 132 pounds of frozen mixed fruit on hand to feed the animals for the next 7 days. if the exotic birds need to be fed 25 poun


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. to create a sharp contrast in a composition, which type of colors should be used? a. complementary b. analogous c. monochromatic d. nuetral


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. using definitions which are for math, define the following vocabulary words for the upcoming section of exponents. 1. exponential form: 2. exponen