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-inner monologue -actual dialogue read the passage and sort the words and phrases into the appropriate categories. "carl, what did you think of the film?" russell asked eagerly. carl hesitated to respond. he thought it was confusing and poorly made, but he didn't want to hurt his friend's feelings. after all, russell worked so hard to produce it. "well, i will say it was interesting, with lots of twists in the plot." Get the answer
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-llei allu med empires place each statement with the correct empire. conquered by francisco pizarro aztec empire inca empire ruled by montezuma ruled


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-longueville english drag each description to the correct type of succession vacant parking lot for many years primary succession secondary succession


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-lucy rides a bicycle from her home. she goes north at 30m/s and east at 22 m/s. what is her velocity relative to her mom waiting at home? * -a radar