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-accounting- please help in a test rn what do chapter competitions entail? o a. all members of the chapter must sit and complete a written test. then each member must give a presentation. b. the chapter must submit a paper, then give a presentation. all chapter members must somehow participate in the project. c. at least two teams from a chapter must submit a 15-page paper. then the members of the team must take a test. d. at least two members of a chapter must complete a community service project, then give a presentation about it. Get the answer
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-an isosceles triangle is pictured below. find the value of x. 17 2x +7 l n 3x -- 4 what is x?


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-animal farm, night describe a major difference or similarity between this book and another book you have read that explores similar ideas, has simila


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-answer quick!- according to the map above, what is the likelihood of an american living in the united states getting malaria? a. there is very littl