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-3.posttest 13:economic challenges - what is the difference between seasonal unemployment and structural unemployment? seasonal unemployment is generally among low-paid workers, while structural unemployment is among the highly paid. seasonal unemployment is rare in a modern society, while structural unemployment is not. seasonal unemployment occurs only in the summer, while structural unemployment can occur all year round. seasonal unemployment is due to changes in production schedules; structural unemployment is because people lack skills. Get the answer
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-3432 2 = -2 hn g(u) = (x - 1)(x + 2), z = -1 | 23 – 22 +1 , -2, -1 elle g(1)=1


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-35 represents the starting location of a race car that is 37 yeard behind the staring line 35 represent the ending location of a race car that is 35


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-3x + 6y = 18 -3x = 6y+14 a) what is the slope of the 1st equation? b) what is the slope of the 2nd equation? c) are they parallel, perpendicular, o