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- figure is the aschematic drawing of asolid counter shaft that supports two flat belt zulless each having ason weight. for each puller, the best rensions are parallel and the coessicient de friction between the belt and pelley ais oils. if a cold-drawn wns g10180 steel shast of wintorn diameter many w material properties of allowable strength in shear and intenders be taken as 220 mpa 440 mpa respectively. determine the minimum preferred size diameter in accordance to the asme code usino km= 15 and kt=1.0. neglect the effect of mass and thickness of belts and mass of the shaft, Get the answer
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- over a player's work ethic. a good coach can have a tremendous: .control .fear .influence .strength


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- the missouri compromise - the compromise of 1850 - the kansas- nebraska act what was the fundamental question addressed in each of these congressio


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- was a system of laws in south africa that forced segregationist policies for 50 years, ending in 1990. the word means "apartness."