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- part a: consider the senator's word choice in reference to non-white people. what is the effect of this word choice? a the senator compares non-white people to different breeds of dogs, thus degrading them to animals and the idea of breeding. b the senator describes non-white people as hoards and their large populations as a threat to the economic stability of the country. c the senator describes non-white people as easy to assimilate, or conform, into the larger american culture. d the senator describes non-white in a few derogatory ways, notably comparing them to animals and slaves. Get the answer
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- phylogeny is the study of how the first ribonucleic acid (rna) strands in earth's primordial soup developed into humans and other animals. as these


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- please select the word from the list that best fits the definition this dynasty, ruled by liu bang, was known for its stable governments shi huangdi


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- practice: 8-3: lesson quiz wplayer how can data displays be used to compare two sets of data? select all that apply ?. wplayer they quickly illustra