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- 11 – sample paper 2 question 2 you are fed up with all the litter you see in your area and have an idea about organising a sponsored litter pick to solve the problem and to raise money for charity. your task: write an email to your friend, explaining your idea and asking for her help in organising the event. you should cover the following: ? what the problem is ? why it would be better if the problem was dealt with ? what your idea is and how it would work on the day ? the charity you would like to help ? what you would like your friend to do to help organise the day. suggested word count 250 – 300 words. Get the answer
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Sagi Boris 55 Minutes ago

- 20 min 2. designer claire mccardell's 1940s adaptation of the ballet flat signalled which of the following? (select all that apply) 1 poin u the ba


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- 2x - 9. fg - 3x - 12, and bg - 19. find the values of x, ef, and fg. the drawing is not to scale. e g a o? x=3. ef = 7. fg = 12 x = 8, ef = 25, fg


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- 3 which expression is equivalent to a-b ? assume a = 0,0= a-563 a'be o ab12 1 a 6² a 29 im having difficulty here