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, proposed the theory of which suggested the continents move and started out in different positions from what they are currently. in the 1960s, scientists discovered the spreading apart of . this in turn led to the theory of . this theory says that the is made of plates which float on a "plasticlike" undersurface called the asthenosphere. where these plates come together at their, changes take place in the crust and its feature. Get the answer
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, si tuviéramos la expresión: 2x + 4x - 10 = 8 1) identificas alguna diferencia entre esta expresión con las que estudiaste en el tema reducción de t


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, the cost to mail a package is $5 for the first 2 pounds and $0.40 for each additional ounce which of the following functions represents the cost to


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, the first protestant missionary to come to the pacific northwest, constructed a mission that helped bring settlers to the region. a: father pierre-j