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+.2 da hw score: 0 of 1 pt < 6 of 17 (5 complete) 4.2.13 in a certain weather forecast the chance of a thunderstorm is stated as 23% express the indicated degree of likelihood as a probability value between 0 and indusve Get the answer
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+15 points! a chemical reaction takes place in which energy is released. arrange the reaction’s characteristics in order from start to finish. lower


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+18 pts an observer (o) spots a plane (p) taking off from a local airport and flying at a 33° angle horizontal to her line of sight and located direc


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+3 - 2x + 3 3x + 2 4) use the triangle at the right to answer the following questions. (10 points) 3x + 2 part a: write an expression to represent the