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*o esquema representa três termômetros, t1, t2 e t3, e as temperaturas por eles fornecidas no ponto de gelo e no ponto de vapor. t1 e t2, são graduados em oc, t1 correto e t2, não. t3 é graduado em ob. quando t1 indicar 65oc:* a) quanto t3 estará indicando? b) quanto t2 estará marcando? Get the answer
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*p6-9b reliable camera mart sells a wide variety of special digital cameras and uses a perpetualinventory system. on may 1, 2008, reliable had five mo


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*photo attached* a psychologist wants to know whether wives and husbands who both serve in a foreign war have similar levels of satisfaction in their


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*pl help* a triangle has sides that measure 7 units, 6 units, and 9.22 units. what is the area of a circle with a circumference that equals the perim