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* 1. le drapeau français est blue, bland, et rouge, est blue, bland et rouge. * 2. les dollars américains le soleil est jaune le soleil est jaune * 3. les pommes (apples) la nuit est noire. la nuit est noire. * 4. le soleil le zèbre est rayé blanc et lezèbreest rayé blanc et noir 5. la nuit (blank) x 6. le zèbre (blank) * 7. la neige (blank) 8. les oranges (blank) x 9. le vin (blank) Get the answer
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Mona Eva 55 Minutes ago

* 2. average acceleration of a particle a particle had a velocity of 15 m/s and 3.0 s later its velocity was 21 m/s in the opposite direction. what w


Abraham Uilleam 1 Hours ago

* 22. mmh a car is traveling along a straight road at a velocity of 36.0 m/s when its engine cuts out. for the next twelve seconds the car slows down,


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* 26. my uncle bought a house from an elderly realtor with a large bay window. 1 point a. my uncle bought a house with a large bay window from an elde