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) the ideal resolution of a player using a laser (such as a blu-ray player), which determines how close together data can be stored on a compact disk, is determined using the following formula: resolution = 0.60(?/na), where ? is the wavelength of the laser and na is the numerical aperture. numerical aperture is a measure of the size of the spot of light on the disk; the larger the na, the smaller the spot. in a typical blu-ray system, na = 0.95. if the 405-nm laser is used in a blu-ray player, what is the closest that information can be stored on a blu-ray disk? Get the answer
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) the small-signal transconductance in the saturation region is defined as gmat ? did sat/vgs. derive an expression for gmsat using eq. (3.79) based o


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) the velocity function is v(t)=?t2+3t?2v(t)=?t2+3t?2 for a particle moving along a line. find the displacement (net distance covered) of the particle


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) there is a hotel which has 50 rooms. when the rate is $180/night, all rooms will be booked up. there will be one more room available when the rate i