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) mark mcmanus was one of the best students and one of the shyest kids in our whole school. he would hang around a few kids at recess, but other times he would keep to himself, reading a book on the steps until it was time to go in. sometimes, mark would sit scribbling things in the little black notebook he always kept in his pocket. any time we would ask him what he was writing, he would say, “just writing,” and keep on scribbling. (2) that’s why we were all so surprised when he entered the talent show. we couldn’t imagine him standing up there in front of an entire auditorium full of students. when his turn came, he pulled the microphone out of its stand, pulled that same little notebook out of his pocket, and waited for the music to begin. when it did, those same eyes that he usually kept glued to the floor looked straight into the audience. the voice that always seemed to mumble now came out loud and clear, with some of the smoothest hip-hop rhymes we had ever heard. how does the author use indirect characterization (hints) to reveal that mark is creative? use the r-a-c-e strategy in order to answer this question. 3-5 sentences Get the answer
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) on average, about 240 people visit a local food pantry every day in search of groceries. on an extremely cold day, visitors to the food pantry can


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) order: furosemide 50 mg po b. i.d. read the label in figure 6.22. how many teaspoons of this diuretic will you administer to the patient who has hig


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) p is a set of prime numbers --- state it’s type. a) null set b) singleton set c) infinite set e) a, b,c are correct.