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) a physics student wants to measure the stiffness of a spring (force required per cm stretched). he knows that according to hooke's law, there is a linear relationship between the distance a spring is stretched and the force needed to stretch the spring. he collects some data by measuring the force applied to the spring when he stretches the spring by some amount. the plot and the least squares fit is given below. from the regression model, the intercept was found to be -2.532 and the slope was found to be 25.321. part i). the stiffness of the spring was predicted to be a. 125.84 b. -2.532 c. -9.961 d. 25.321 e. 50.642 part ii). refer to the previous question, the physics student used the regression model to predict that a force of 377.28n would be required to stretch the spring by 15cm. remarkably, his prediction was horribly wrong. can you explain why Get the answer
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) a subspace v of r 3 such that dim v ? = 1. (2) a subspace v of r 3 such that dim v ? = 2. (3) a subspace v of r 4 such that dim v = 2 and dim v ? =


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) a swimming pool is of length 6m, breadth 2m and depth 1m. what is the volume of the maximumamount of water it can hold? give your answer in m3, in m


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) a tree casts a 25-foot shadow. at the same time of day, a 6-foot man standing near the tree casts a 9-foot shadow. what is the height of the tree, t