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(25 points)tanisha and neal are simplifying the expression . a. tanisha correctly simplified the power of a product in her first step by adding exponents. b. tanisha’s next step is to apply the power of a product. c. tanisha’s work is correct. d. neal’s next step is to apply the quotient of powers. e. the correct simplified answer is . Get the answer
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(25 points) summarize how levitt and dubner logically support their argument that cheating exists when there is high incentive, but that the majority


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(25 points) a construction crew is lengthening a road. let y represent the total length of the road (in miles). let x represent the number of days the


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(25 pts) between which consecutive years was the decrease in the price of gold per ounce the greatest? 1975-76 1973-74 1972-73 1974-75