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(2+4) (6) 1.2 (6x2) (12) 1.3 learners abusing substance in schools. (4 x2) (8) important for youths to investigate and be knowledgeable about it. risky behaviour" and explain two factors why it is describe any six risky situations to which our youth is frequently exposed to. discuss four contributing factors that may lead to an increase of 1.4 examine the impact of risky behaviour on different spheres of well-being (social, emotional, physical and spiritual) by reading the case study on page 5 (youth risk behaviour survey) and answer the questions that follow. 1.4.1. carefully examine the impact of drug addiction on emotional and physical spheres Get the answer
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(2.02)a shape is shown on the graph: which of the following is a reflection of the shape? a coordinate plane is shown. a triangle has vertices negati


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(20 points (pls help ;-;)!!) in how many ways can three medals (gold, silver and bronze) be awarded for a race involving 20 cars.


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(20 points us history high school) describe richard nixon’s strategy for pulling the united states out of the vietnam war while preserving national p