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(14.1.50) 0.03 mol of helium are enclosed in a cylinder with a piston which maintains a constant pressure in the helium. initially the helium is immersed in thermal bath with at 250k. suddenly, the helium is removed from this thermal bath and plunged into a thermal bath at temperature 350k. determine (a) the increase in the entropy of the helium. (hint the entropy change for the helium is the same as if it had been taken through this temperature change by a reversible process.) (b) the increase in entropy of the universe. ( 0.032 j/k) Get the answer
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(15 pts) question 5/5 read the passage from "the walrus and the carpenter." the sun was shining on the sea, shining with all his might: he did his ver


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(15 pts)question 5/5read the passage from "the walrus and the carpenter."the sun was shining on the sea, shining with all his might:he did his very be


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(15 lines or more) in the text, hermes discusses how our behavior during life affects our afterlife. how do you think the myths about the underworld