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(12 points) 2. tom bought 30 shares of a company's stock for $19.72/share. he pays a broker a commission of $11 to buy and sell stock. after one year, tom sold all his shares, when they were worth $20.75/share. a. how much did it cost tom to buy the stock? show your work. b. what was tom's net gain or loss? show your work what was tom's annual rate of return? show your work and round to tenth Get the answer
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(12 points) robert parish corporation purchased a new machine for its assembly process on january 1, 2014. the cost of this machine was $215,900. the


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(12) explain : what rule can you write about how many congruent angles are intersect a pair of parallel lines? created when a transversal intersect a


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(12) in a relay race, mia ran 1.43 kilometers. then she passed the baton to gerald, who ran an additional 2.7 kilometers. how many kilometers did the