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(100 pts.) many american white pelicans migrate each year, with hundreds of them stopping to rest in various locations along the way. the ratio of the distance some flocks travel from their summer home to one stopover to the distance from the stopover to the winter home is 3:4. if the total distance the pelicans migrate is 1680 miles, how long is the distance from the summer home to the stopover? Get the answer
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(100pts)ray and kelsey have summer internships at an engineering firm. as part of their internship, they get to assist in the planning of a brand new


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(10p) what slit spacing is required to give a separation of 4 cm between the second and third order maxima for two slits if a = 366 nm and d = 3.50 m


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(10pts) given: o ? ab , of is ? bisector of ?cob, m?fob=70°. a (5pts) find: m?aof please help