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(100 points) 1. why are shakespeare’s plays still read today? is it because of the plots, characters, or language? is it his ability to communicate what is common to humanity? 2. near the end of act iv scene i, demetrius says, "are you sure that we are awake? it seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream.” dreams are referred to throughout the play. what is the purpose of dreams in the play? do the dreams reveal themes or advance the plot, or are they individuals’ interpretation of reality? use evidence to support your answer. Get the answer
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(100 points) how did this photo have a contribution to the inca? i don't know how this relates, but my teacher told me it does in some way. at least 3


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(100 points!) the ___ search engine is the most common in use today. a boolean-based b crawler-based c algorithm-based d government-based


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(100 points) find the value of x so that the points (-2, 5) and (8, x) lie on the line with slope -1/5 -45 3 -3 19/5