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(1) what is the most common way for a dead organism to avoid decomposition? (2) why do researchers look for fossils in places that are now dry and barren instead of other places like forests or grasslands? (3) what kind of dating from the lecture or textbook would be the best method for finding the number of years ago when a volcanic rock was formed? (4) why is the pelvis of a biped shorter and wider than the pelvis of a quadruped? (5) does the overall shape of lucy’s pelvis resemble the human pelvis or the chimpanzee pelvis more? do not think of the size, but compare the outlines of each bone. Get the answer
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(1) why does your body need to make so many different types of antibodies ? (2) how are antibodies and enzymes similar? (3) what makes type a blood d


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(1) will wanted to make the school baseball team. (2) his brother jacob said he would help will train. (3) jacob helped will train every day for three


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(1) write the net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when equal volumes of 0.233 m aqueous acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and aniline are mix