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(1) impractical for cold climates, ashley decided against packing her flip-flops for her vacation in alaska. a. no change b. because she was impractical for cold climates c. they are impractical, since the climate is cold, so d. because they are impractical for cold climates, Get the answer
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(1) in 2003, two baseball team owners held a contest to name there new team. (2) many hopped that the team's name would be a good one. (3) however, pe


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(1) in 2005, heavy rains led to a mudelide (2) guatemala city is the capital of the republic of guatemala (3) it is the largest city in central ameri


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(1) in a company, the manager's salary is five times that of a peon. the 5) manager gets 40000 rupees a month. how much does a peon gets amonth(2) th