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(1) during the 1800s, many people in the u. s. moved to the west. (2) in the 1840s, people settled in the oregon territory. (3) the search for gold and silver attracted miners to california in 1849. (4) homesteaders flocked to the great plains in the 1870s. which sentence contains a direct object? 4 3 1 2 Get the answer
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(1) earth's crust is made up of relatively rigid plates that ride atop earth's hot, semiliquid m. semiliquid fluid called magma. (4) volcanoes are a r


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(1) earthquakes involve a powerful movement of earth's crust. (2) scientists measure the energy of an earthquake with a seismometer. (3) earthquakes


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(1) eventually, with steadfastness, patience, and hard work, i learned how to bake my very own beautifully risen chocolate cake. (2) but i learned mor