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(1 pt.) bell, inc. buys 1,000 computer game cds from a distributor who is discontinuing those games. the purchase price for the lot is $8,000. bell will group the cds into three price categories for resale, as indicated below: group no. of cds price per cd 1 100 $5 2 800 10 3 100 15 instructions: determine the cost per cd for each group, using the relative sales value method. cds Get the answer
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(1) (10 points) find the characteristic polynomial of a (2) (5 points) find all eigenvalues of a. you are allowed to use your calculator or computer t


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(1) 4. you have two brothers and two sisters. your mother plans to divide a sum of money between her children in one of the ratios below. the ratios a


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(1) a block of mass 800g is pulled from rest on a horizontal frictionless bench by a steady force of f and it travels 16m in 2 seconds. find: (a) the