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(1 point) there were 23.7 million licensed drivers in california in 2009 and 22.76 million in 2004. find a formula for the number, n, of licensed drivers in the us as a function of t, the number of years since 2004, assuming growth is (a) linear n(t) Get the answer
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(1 point) use the divergence theorem to calculate the flux of the vector field f? (x, y,z)=x3i? +y3j? +z3k? out of the closed, outward-oriented surfac


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(1 point) working backwards, part i. a 90% confidence interval for a population mean is (70, 76). the population distribution is approximately normal


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(1 points) for an electron in a box, the ground state energy e_1 = 2 ~\text{ev}e 1 =2 ev, for what transition would the energy difference be 5 e_15e