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(1 point) (hypothetical.) we are given a box full of thousands of tickets labeled 0 or 1. we want to estimate the unknown proportion p of 1s in the box. to do this, we randomly draw 200 tickets and add them up: it so happens they add up to 124. enter values in decimal form, rounded to four decimal places (or more). we estimate the proportion of 1s in the box to be 124/200 . attach a give-or-take value to this estimate. (that is, estimate the standard error.) .0343 for an approximate 85% confidence interval, about how many standard errors should be added to and subtracted from the estimate? 1.44 set up an approximate 85% confidence interval for the unknown proportion of 1s that are in the box. Get the answer
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(1 point) 2. you have made 3 out of 10 of your last free throws. how many free throws can you expect to make if you shoot 100 free throws? 30 50 60 75


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(1 point) 20. an electronics store makes a profit of $72.00 for every television sold and $90.00 for every computer sold. the manager's target is to m


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(1 point) 3. public spaces such as playgrounds or skate parks often serve the purpose of meeting which significant human needs? needs for conflict and