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(08.05)the box plot shows the number of years during which 12 teams have participated in a rugby tournament: a box plot is titled years of participation and labeled years. number line from 0 to 10 with primary markings and labels at 0, 5, and 10. the box extends from 2 to 6 on the number line. there is a vertical line at 4. the whiskers end at 0 and 8. at least how many schools have participated for 6 years or more? 2 schools 3 schools 4 schools 6 schools Get the answer
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(08.06) an unknown number y is 12 more than an unknown number x. the number y is also x less than 17. the equations to find x and y are shown below.


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(08.06)a student wants to report on the number of meals his friends buy each week. the collected data are below: 4 19 3 3 2 3 2 4 which measure of cen


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(08.06)data are collected about the amount of time, in minutes, each band member spends practicing. how does a single outlier change the lower and upp