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(08.01 mc) please help its timed exam find the length of the base of a square pyramid if the volume is 48 cubic inches and has a height of 9 inches. (3 points) 4 inches 8 inches 16 inches 24 inches Get the answer
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(08.01) line h is represented by the following equation: 2x + 2y = 8 what is most likely the equation for line k so the set of equations has infinitel


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(08.01) the graph shows two lines, q and s. a coordinate plane is shown with two lines graphed. line q has a slope of one half and crosses the y ax


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(08.01) two lines, a and b, are represented by the following equations: line a: 3x + 3y = 12 line b: x + y = 4 which statement is true about the solut