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(05.04 lc) which of the following is a valid mole ratio from the balanced equation 2fe2o3 + 3c — 4fe + 3c02? (4 points) a. select one: 4 mol c 3 mol fe 2 mol fe, o, b. 4 mol c 3 mol c c 4 mol co2 4 mol fe d. 3 mol co2 Get the answer
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(05.04 lc) which of the following would be used to show the order that specific traits evolved in a group of organisms? binomial nomenclature branchin


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(05.04 lc) which of these describes how traits are shown on a branching tree diagram? all the traits developed at the same time. the traits developed


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(05.04 lc) triangle pqr with side p across from angle p, side q across from angle q, and side r across from angle r if ?r measures 18°, q equals 9.5,