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(03.03 mc) felipe and harvey used to be good friends, but now harvey has been found shot to death in felipe's garden. folipo is holding a gun when he is found-agun registered in his own name. when tested for fingerprints, felipe's match a sot found on the gun. two sets of footprints are found in the garden soll. an autopsy confirms harvey died from a single gunshot wound and that he had several thin strands of fabric under his fingernails and traces of wine in his stomach. which evidence would be considered an individual characteristic? Get the answer
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(03.04 lc) what was the reason for the constitutional convention? (5 points) a to address the weaknesses in the articles of confederation b to debate


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(03.04 lc) when the function f(x) = 4(2)x is changed to f(x) = 4(2)x ? 13, what is the effect? there is no change to the graph because the exponential


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(03.04 mc) the population f(x), in millions of state a of a country after x years is represented by the function shown below: f(x) = (108) the graph