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"although current theories of memory are derived largely from experiments including lists of words or sentences, many memories in occurring everyday life involve complex, largely visual, and often fast moving events. of course, we are rarely required to provide precise recall of such experiences – though as we age, we often volunteer them – but on occasion such recall is demanded, as when we have witnessed a crime or an accident. our theories should be able to encompass such socially important forms of memory. it is clearly of concern to the law, to police and insurance investigators, and to others to know something about the completeness, accuracy, and malleability of such memories." 1. according to dr. elizabeth loftus, why is the study of eyewitness memory important? be sure to include a specific quotation from the excerpt above to support your explanation. hint: keep in mind, this question is asking you why dr. loftus feels it is important to research if a witness’s testimony is accurate. in other words, should the memory of an eyewitness be used in a court of law? will that memory be accurate? 2. do the loftus studies support the use of eyewitness testimony as evidence in court proceedings? be sure to include specific details from the studies to support your position. hint: this question is asking if dr. loftus supports the use of eyewitness testimony in a court of law? what did dr. loftus’ studies discover about eyewitness testimony, questioning, and malleability? Get the answer
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"an occurrence at owl creek bridge" uses what technique as its main structure? a. crisis b. denouement c. flashback d. vignette


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"an olympic sprinter readies for a race. after the sound of the starting gun, he propels himself forward from the starting block and immediately grima


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"an article accusing the mayor of dealing drugs has appeared on one of your news organization’s blog sites. as the editor, you ask a part-time reporte