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"against nature" 10.lines 147–156: what examples of rhetorical questions are in these lines? what effect do these rhetorical questions produce? 11.lines 160–178: how does the quotation from wilde support oates’s argument? 12.lines 187–198: summarize the idea thoreau expresses. is oates convinced by thoreau’s argument? explain, citing text evidence to support your answer. 13.lines 194–197: consider oates’s tone in these lines. how does the tone differ in the two sentences? what effect does her tone have on the essay? 14.lines 229–239: analyze the analogy. how is oates’s “mystical” vision similar to nature writing? why does she include this example at this point in the essay? 15.lines 252–253: why, at the end of her essay, does oates refer to johnson’s quote from the epigraph? Get the answer
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"aligning customer service and satisfaction strategies with the overall financial plan of the organization" would occur in the component of the scor©


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"all girls' or all boys' schools provide a better learning environment thanco-educational schools." express yourviews either for or against the state


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"all roads lead to rome" refers toapproximatelymiles of roads builtby ancient rome.a 50,000b. 40,000c 30,000d. 20,000