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< whats the answers for the x, y data chart? compute the regression equation ry data 4 y for each (p, v) pair, type the pressure in the x- column and the volume in the y-column. then click "resize window to fit data." 2 -4 -2 2 choose the power regression option. copy the equation, using three significant figures, to match the data. v= 51.4 ?? = -0.999 notice that the exponent is very close to -1. the equation is essentially in the form of linear regression (undefined) -6 sxs6 window -6 sys 6 resize window to fit data. Get the answer
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<---replaces #7--->the figure below is a net for a triangular prism. side a = 16 feet, side b = 8 feet, side c = 21 feet, side d = 18 feet, and


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</activate yourself now it is your turn. express your views on the topic "word is stronger thansword".tatriting


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<1 and <2 are adjacent and supplementary. <2 and <3 are adjacent and supplementary. which statement must be true? a. m<1 = m<3 b. m