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% of molecule curbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen phosphorous element ove was made when a scientist analyzed a biological macromolecule to determine which elements it contained 1. which of the four macromolecules is represented? name a food that you each that contains this macromolecule. 2. what are the monomers of this macromolecule? 3. what function or job does this macromolecule perform for your body? 4. write an analogy that compares monomers and polymers to something from your life. for example, "a polymer is like a daisy chain and its monomers are individual daisies." 5. a scientist grows bacteria in a watery environment that contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus, but not nitrogen. list all of the macromolecules the bacteria will be able to make. Get the answer
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& larissa wants to enlarge her sketch of the side panel of a house, she uses a dilation to sketch figure ghijk with center of dilation write a f


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& the cessna 172 takes off successfully from an airport during a day in june (28 c) with a standard pressure (102.3 kpa). assume that the take-o


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& content what is martin luther king's jr message? what ideas and details does he include to make that message clear?