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#read the following passage and answer the following items according to your understanding: long ago, the earth was covered in darkness. none of the creatures living there knew that how the daylight looked like. one day, all of the animals of the forest gathered together in a clearing. they wondered if it would be better to remain in darkness, or if it would be better to also have light. deer, chipmunk, raccoon, wolf, bear and many other creatures climbed to the top of the highest mountain. the mountain stood so tall that there was no tree on its top, and it was covered only with rocks. millions of stars blinked in the dark sky overhead. the biggest and most powerful animal in the forest was the bear and he was first to reach the mountain top. bear stood on the highest peak, looked out over the forest below, and argued for remaining in the darkness. he said that the creatures of the forest would be able to sleep better in darkness because there would be no light to keep them awake. most of the other animals were afraid, and they agreed with bear. raccoon said that he did not mind the darkness because he was so smart that he could find plenty of the foods in the darkness. wolf was easy to please, too. she did not mind the darkness because she could howl in the darkness or in light. but one animal did stand up to bear. chipmunk, the smallest of the animals argued that it would be better to have both light and dark. chipmunk was very clever. as bear continued to argue for darkness, she made many good arguments for light. slowly, the night passed. bear grew tired of talking, but chipmunk chattered on and on, as if she had all of the energy in the world. as the other animals drop off to sleep, one by one, chipmunk kept arguing. finally the first sunrise ever seen by the animals appeared over the top of the mountain. they wake up and they were amazed by what they saw. chipmunk began to dance from rock to rock. bear became angry because he did not get his way. he roared loudly and ran after chipmunk. he chased her all the way down to the mountain. chipmunk got away, but not before bear managed to search her back with his long claws. and that is why, to this day, you can see stripes on chipmunk’s back! 1. answer the following questions briefly: i. in what ways chipmunk was different from the other animals? ii. why did chipmunk has stripes on her back? iii. give a suitable title for the story. iv. what lesson can we learn from the story? 2. choose the right answer from the given choice: a) what is the theme of the story? i. stand up for what you believe ii. making decision is easy iii. there is only one right way to do thing. b) what is the bear like? i. he is a good listener ii. he is used to getting his way iii. just like other animals Get the answer
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