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#2 distance (d) = 37.5cm #3 height (y) = 71cm ramp 1 average- 0.303 ramp 1 range cm 47 ramp 2 average 0.427 ramp 2 range cm 34 y= v_o t+ 1?2 gt^2 (hint: v_o = 0 and g = 9.8 m/s2 ramp position 1 time = answer work: (must show for full credit) ramp position 2 time = answer work: (must show for full credit) Get the answer
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#2) a stake is being pulled out of the ground by means of two ropes as shown. knowing that a =30°, determine by trigonometry(a) the magnitude of the


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#2) the following discrete probability distribution was created from data gathered by an online shopping site that sells gluten free cereal. # of item


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#2) the length of time people age 20-24 years spend driving per day is 52 minutes, with population standard deviation of 2.2 minutes. assume the time