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"g" which population did the gss target? does the data collected by the gss represent a simple random sample of american adults? group of answer choices not quite - it is a more complicated method than a srs, but the data is representative of all american adults. yes, it is a fairly simple process to take a true simple random sample of all american adults and the gss does it every two years. no, this data is not random or representative of all american adults and should not be used for inferences. Get the answer
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"he malia corporation had sales in 2015 of ​$ ​million, total assets of ​$ ​million, and total liabilities of million. the interest rate on th


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"how does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower some how..." finish the lyrics from hamilton (easy points)


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"i now understand my children better and we are getting quite well" peter said. turn that sentence into reoported speech?