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"well," said the boy, "in my family everyone is born in the air, with his head at exactly the height it's going to be when he's an adult, and then we all grow toward the ground."—the phantom tollbooth,norton justerhow does alec’s background shape his perspective of milo? ahe realizes that he asks questions that are similar to milo's questions.bhe is envious that milo gets to stand on the ground.che thinks milo is older than he looks.dhe believes that milo should be floating in the air. Get the answer
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"what are the principles on which that settlement is to be effected? are we to lapse back into the old national rivalries, animosities, and competitiv


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"what are the two parts of an atom" answers: #1the nucleus and the proton cloud #2 the neutron and the electron cloud #3the neutron and the proton cl


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"what are you doing, rico?" jake asked as he sat down next to his friend at the cafeteria table. rico slammed his book closed and shook his head at ja