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"the creation of the middle ground involved a process of mutual invention by both the french and the algonquians. this process passed through various stages, of which the earliest is at once the most noticed and the least interesting. it was in this initial stage that the french, for example, simply assimilated indians into their own conceptual order. indians became sauvages, and the french reduced indian religion to devil worship and witchcraft. algonquians, for their part, thought of the first europeans as manitous (spirits). on both sides, new people were crammed into existing categories in a mechanical way." -source: richard white, historian, the middle ground, 1991 which of the following best supports the general argument in the excerpt about how native americans and europeans related to each other in the early colonial period? khan academy Get the answer
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"the divide of race has been america's constant curse. each new wave of immigrants gives new targets to old prejudices." how does the quote relate to


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"the elevator dropped down for what felt like an eternity." what type of figurative language is the author using? a) onomatopoeia b) hyperbole c) pers


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"the emigrants who colonized the shores of america in the beginning of the seventeenth century somehow separated the democratic principle from all the