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"the harvest gypsies:" which statment from the excerpt best explains the difference between the migrant familiy's children and the other children? a) "and this father will not be able to make a maximum of $400 a year anymore because he is no longer alert; he isn't quick at piece-work, and he is not able to fight clear of the dullness..."b)"sometimes they still start the other children off to school, but the ragged little things will not go; they hide in ditches or wander off by themselves until it is time to go back to the tent..."c)" the better-children shout and jeer, the teachers are quite often impatient with these additions to their duties, and the parents of the 'nice' children do not want to have the disease carriers in the schools."d)"the father of this family once had a little grocery store and his family lived in the back of it so that even if the children could wait on the counter." Get the answer
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"the lady of shalott" shares all of the following characteristics of the ballad form except . click here to read the poem. melodious language narrati


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"the leaders who ruined africa and the generation who can fix it" 1. part a: which of the following identifies the central idea of the text? a. the s


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"the long rain" explores the mental torture of overstimulation. the men hear constant noise, feel the constant dripping on their head and skin, and ar