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"some plants called epiphytes, or air plants, have adapted to get nutrients from the air. some examples of epiphytes in rainforests are mosses, lichens, and orchids. although they often live on other plants, they don't take any nutrients from the other plants-they get what they need straight from the air with special root systems. there are also some plants called parasitic plants. they grow on other plants, their host plants. parasitic plants actually do take nutrients from their host plants." why might the author have capitalized the word "do"? a. to point out a similarity b. to make a contrast c. to summarize a process d. to make an argument Get the answer
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"sony introduces a new compact music player to compete with apple’s ipod that carries a two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. based on ind


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"sort of spoils the look of the river, doesn't it?" ventured luis. "yeah," said ahmad shortly. the boys quickly forgot their concern as the ferry bum


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"south korea is heavily integrated into international trade and ?nance and is subsequently highly vulnerable to external influences, especially from c