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"soft skills discussion questions" db a students, you will find the questions below. 1) which points in the two readings would directly affect your success in a classroom setting? 2) why would poor personal character deter you from getting a job or keeping a job? 3) what soft skills do you find you need to develop and why? what would be the benefit from building that soft skill? 4) why would lack of leadership skills/experience throw up red flags when a hiring manager reviews an applicants application? 5) if you were a hiring manager, reviewing an application, list the top 5 soft skills you would deem necessary for a future employee to have. explain their importance. answer all questions given. please post a response in the forum, do not respond in a word doc. sincerely consider and do your best in answering said questions by engaging in "on purpose thinking". mulling over, stretching, and explaining your points. check the "how-to folder if you need more visual instructions on how to post to a db. recap: for full credit, respond to the prompt questions with at least 300-400 words total with complete and grammatically correct paragraphs (actual college standard paragraphs). you will need to respond to a classmates post in at least a 200 word reply. Get the answer
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"some debit and credit card companies require their customers to choose personal identification numbers (pins). customers choose 4 digits from 10 poss


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"some may feel that the most appropriate decision making occurs when well-trained professionals are able to provide individualized attention to the sp


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"some of the effects of the declaration of independence were bitter." which of the facts below best supports the statement above? a. congress debated